iOS basic coding notes

A list of useful links that I keep to myself. The list is growing and is the common things that I always have to look up »

ScoutRealtime installed

Scout Realtime Just installed ScoutRealtime on my server, and the result looks awesome! When installing, I ran into a common error: /vendor_ruby/1.8/rubygems/ »

Reading list

The list is growing as I learn more everyday. Important legal terms 10 Big Legal Mistakes Made by Start-Ups Things to know about equity Co-Founder Equity »

Implement Facebook-connenct on a Cordova iOS App

tl;dr The post lists the necessary steps to setup Facebook-connect for iOS app using Cordova Warning: Everything works until user tries to logout (Still trying »

Plotting stock prices in Three.js (3D scatter plot)

      A few days ago I came across a node module called yahoo-finance. The module allows users to parse the csv file from yahoo »

MathJax with Ghost

      It took me quite a while digging around the Ghost's source code just to find a workaround solution for adding MathJax. And it »


      This is a term paper written for a course called Introduction to Nuclear Science. I learned quite a lot while writing it, so »