How to download files in Angular.js

There are a few ways to download files with Angular. The simplist way to download a file is with html: <a ng-href="{{downloadLink}}" target="_blank" »

Exploring better way to extend controller in AngularJS with CoffeeScript

TL; DR exploring ways to extend controller disclaimer: it's in CoffeeScript In Angular, it's always good practice to split up and refactor non-view related logic into »

AngularJS Tutorial

Recently I gave a quick demo/intro on AngularJS to people who have not done AngularJS before, so if you are interested and would love to »

Great developer tool tip for AngularJS

TL;DR click on an element to inspect in Element from devTools go to Console and type $scope access the scope variables right away In my »

ui-router - nested routes

TL;DR Repo for nested routes with ui-router It can take some time to replace ng-route with ui-router, but ui-router can do everything that ngRoute does. »

Uploading Image with AngularJs + saving with NodeJs

This is a quick snippet to uploading a file using AngularJs to NodeJs backend. frontend Inside controller.js, include a service called $upload. (check out $upload »

Implement Facebook-connenct on a Cordova iOS App

tl;dr The post lists the necessary steps to setup Facebook-connect for iOS app using Cordova Warning: Everything works until user tries to logout (Still trying »